Our main goal is to have every apartment in immaculate condition where guests cannot find fault and leave great reviews for cleaning. 


Finishing on time 

All apartments should be cleaned before 3pm to allow time for inspection (by yourself & management), if you require assistance and you feel you cannot finish on time you should let us know by no later than 11:00am

Checking for and Reporting Damages

Check all items in the apartment. If you have noticed items damaged/broken, even if it something you noticed in the past, it still needs to be reported each time. Report damaged items immediately via whatsapp.

Reporting Missing Items

Complete inventory checklists properly and report any missing items. Do not check the tick on the inventory list if the item is not there. Immediately message us on the group to advise us if something is missing. Your checklist is for you to ensure that you have not missed out anything.

Reporting Cleaning Supplies Levels

Report any shortages on supplies before you run out in the group (not when you are already using the last of it). This includes but are not limited to Coffee, Tea, Sugar, milk, all detergents, toilet paper, soaps, etc.

Reporting Worn Out Items

If you notice items getting old and worn out that needs to be replaced, please inform us each time until it has been resolved or feedback has been provided otherwise.

Reporting Smells

When entering the apartment, please take note of the smell. You need to make sure it does not smell like smoke or any other bad odors. If it does or if you are not sure, you need to report it immediately via the Whatsapp group.

Please Note

We are not going to be repeating instructions to you and reminding you to do your work.

Please familiarize yourself with the instructions provided. Failure to comply will result in the necessary disciplinary actions being taken.

Quality of cleaning



Inspect the apartment thoroughly before you start to clean

Leave strands of hair in the apartments

Clean balconies properly – treat this as if it is a room within the apartment as well

Use the incorrect detergents for cleaning specific areas or surfaces

Clean all items – even if they look unused

Leave marks on glasses, plates, cutlery, etc.

Clean one room at a time

Leave toilets smelling bad

Clean thoroughly – all surfaces, corners, platforms, etc.

Check off items on your checklist if they are not in the apartment

Make sure you clean all glass surfaces as well (mirrors, windows, shower doors, etc)


Move all furniture and clean underneath & behind before moving them back


Be sure to look up and check the ceiling and corners for dirt, cobwebs, mold, etc.


Switch the lights on while cleaning and inspecting


Use the respective cleaning detergents for what they are intended for only


Inspect your work properly


Make sure the apartment does not smell like smoke

Please kindly do not call us for updates.