Property Inspections

Summary of Pre-Job Requirements:

  • Possess a decent quality cellphone for taking pictures.
  • Have a sharp eye for details.
  • Training videos will be provided.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Arrival and Property Inspection:

    • Arrive at the property between 2 pm and 3 pm to conduct an inspection.
    • The properties are located at The Zone and Ridgeton Towers.
    • Compare the current inventory in the apartment with previous photos or a master checklist.
  2. Communication and Documentation:

    • Create a WhatsApp group with management.
    • Share pictures with the group as a point of reference.
    • Take pictures of the items in the storeroom.
  3. Housekeeping Evaluation:

    • Assess the quality of the housekeeping staff’s cleaning efforts.
    • Identify areas that require attention and notify the staff accordingly.
    • Check for dust, hair, and watermarks on kitchenware.
    • Ensure the property has a pleasant scent.
  4. Reporting:

    • Report any damages that were not previously reported by the housekeepers in the WhatsApp group.
    • Verify that no items are missing from the storage cupboard.


We are busy discussing that with you and if you can advise us on your preferred hourly rate we would appreciate it. 

You may use the apartments data.

Each property is fitted with a smart lock for you to get access. Your code will be set for you. 

You will not be working in houses but in secure apartment buildings. 

There will always be a female housekeeper present during your inspection unless otherwise stated. 

We have cameras on the front door as well and access codes expire. Nobody else can enter without authorisation during your inspection. 

We have a handful in the Umhlanga area and you may have to do 1 – 3 in a day. 

They are all mostly 2 bed apartments with one 3 bed. 

Yes there is one in the apartment storage cupboard. 

Yes each apartment has its own inventory checklist. 

This is dependant on bookings and the length of their stays so its hard to say. We may need you everyday or just 3-4 times a week. If you are not available its no problem. 

How do I apply?

Please kindly email me your cv to

ushir@pahlavi.co.za or whatsapp 0837773788,

you may also contact

Jolandie on jolandie@pahlavi.co.za or call or whatsapp her on 0645320828

Step 1

Telephonic Interview

Step 2

Sample Inspection Test

Step 3

SLA Contract

Step 4

Paid Inspection

Be Part of the growing team

Send us your cv & required hourly rate if you wish.